3 Powerful Ways To Achieve Your Goals And Succeed In Life

This journey we’re on is marvelous, don’t you agree? Every single day, amidst the storm of failure a ton of people experience, there are individuals and teams who are accomplishing their goals, achieving ridiculous success, changing the world and unlocking true happiness.

It is those people who we strive to be. Envy and jealousy may tickle you from time to time but what I’ve learned to do, in my own life, is to channel those feelings into positive action.

In life, you will always be faced with a choice every single day – Try or Fail.

If you choose to try, the doors of opportunity unlock and give you the chance to pass through them. If you choose to fail, you will simply remain stagnant and time, life and success will pass you by.

I don’t want to fall into the latter category of people and I don’t want you to either.

In fact, I want us to succeed beyond our wildest dreams and that obviously starts by setting goals.

If you haven’t already, take some time to draw up a list of 5 to 10 goals you want to achieve this year.

Channel your desires and imagine a version of your life in which you are extremely happy.

How and why are you that happy? What is it that you are doing on a daily basis? What do you have in your life that makes you feel fulfilled and grateful?

Figure it out and pen those goals on an actual piece of paper. When you’ve done that, come back to this article because I’ve put together a list of 3 powerful ways to achieve your goals and succeed in life.

In essence, we can join that small percentage of people who are successful by following a few fundamental principles.

1. Action Often Leads To Satisfaction

The opposite holds true as well – Inaction breeds dissatisfaction. It’s easy to set goals and if you feel motivated enough, getting started isn’t difficult.

It’s the ‘in-between’ that most of us struggle with. During that time, all our motivation depletes and the expectations pile on.

Getting overwhelmed by monotony can be another problem we face. All these things, coupled together, can be disempowering and give you an excuse to do nothing.

But, at the end of the day, what you choose to do today determines the outcome of the future.

A non-negotiable rule of achieving results is to take action on a daily basis despite and inspite of all the obstacles standing in your way.

I know it’s hard and sometimes the results can seem invisible but you absolutely must continue to take action.

Back in 2015, when I was healing from an illness, there were days when I didn’t want to do rehab on my legs because it was painful and I felt mentally burned out.

The thought of being healed and happy again in the future pushed me to take action even when I really believed I couldn’t. This intentional persistence builds a kind of self-confidence and grit you could Never imagine you’d possess.

It starts today, right now, by simply taking action.

2. Aim For Perfection When Taking Action

I know this seems counterintuitive, especially based on a lot of advice on the net.

But, what I find is that people get more put off when the small action they take brings about no results whatsoever compared to someone who pushes themselves to the limit and achieves some kind of result, no matter how small it may be.

In chasing perfection, we may just reach a state of excellence. I’m not so sure who I heard that quote from but I strongly advocate the message behind it.

Too often do we psych ourselves out of trying to reach perfection and excellence. I’m not even talking about setting goals. This pertains strictly to taking action.

When you chase perfection and taking action on your goals is embedded in your routine, you’ll experience growth at great levels.

You don’t have to be mediocre!

I remember a time when I could barely jump rope without launching myself so high off the ground that when I landed, I felt the impact all the way in my core.

Still, I wanted to perfect the art of jumping rope and I aimed for perfection.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’d like to think that I can jump rope as efficiently as a boxer can. I could have accepted my inexperience but I had my mind set on perfection and I’ve at least achieved excellence at it.

3. Draw Up Two Plans Based On Best Case And Worst Case Scenarios

Unpredictable situations, circumstances and outcomes happen.

We can always hope for the best and that’s a great mindset to have but it’s safer to prepare for both situations.

When I was younger, I drew up plans based on the best effort I could put forth.

But, little did I realize that there would be days when my feelings were messed up, unexpected chores and deadlines crept up on me and energy levels were at an all-time low.

Those are merely obstacles which can be easily overcome if I had a plan for those days.

I didn’t. That was a fatal flaw in my system but not anymore.

When drawing up a plan for accomplishing a goal, I divise a best case scenario plan and a worst case scenario plan.

This allows me to switch between the two at will and still get some results on those days when everything is going wrong.

On my worst days, I usually dial down my to-do list or plan to 3 essential tasks, no more!

I start with the easiest and once momentum kicks in, I move onto harder tasks. This system of work only applies for those horrible days when the biggest problem you face is getting started.

Two steps forward and one step back.

Stick to this philosophy in life and you’ll find yourself making progress even when you’re knocked back a bit.

Wrapping It Up

Look, you don’t need a 1000 page system on how to change your life and achieve your goals. What you truly need is self-respect and a value-based mindset.

If you love and value yourself, achieving your goals and making sacrifices for them won’t be something you struggle with.

Hell, you’d be fighting for the future you know is at stake.

Believe in hard work, consistency, dedication, planning and persistence.

Develop these character traits in your everyday life with all your goals, no matter how small they are.

The life and person you are meant to be is waiting for your beyond the obstacles that stand in front of you.

Don’t run from it, challenge it!