How To Stick With Your New Year Resolutions And Achieve Kickass Results

It’s that time again when we say goodbye to another year and embrace a new year with goals, expectations and resolutions.

Gyms will be packed, salads will be out of stock and social media sites will be buzzing with the cheerful banter of all those embarking on their new year journey.

By the end of January, most people fail to stick to their resolutions.

Every single year, without fail, majority quit and revert to their old lifestyle.

Chances are, if you’re reading this then you’re probably in the 97% who fail to stick with your new year goals and resolutions.

I want to tell you that it’s okay but it really isn’t.

If you’ve been failing at the same resolutions for years in a row, then it stopped being okay to fail many years ago.

It’s time for a big change and that starts by reimposing the importance and significance of being true to your word and sticking to commitments.


Well, think about this for a moment, you have to ability to reposition yourself amongst the 3% of society who look amazing, feel amazing and live spectacular lives.

The 3% of society who achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals experience bliss that most of us never do because we accept mediocrity and failure to dictate our lives.

Irrespective of circumstances standing in your way, you have the ability to make long-term changes that will drastically transform your life.

These investments, which are often mistaken for new year resolutions, upgrade you in so many ways.

Why wouldn’t you want to make an investment of this nature?

You have everything to gain and God willing, by the end of this article, I hope you have all the motivation and techniques required for 2018 to be an amazing year full of success and positive change.

1. Make It Super Easy To Be Consistent

When I wanted to lose weight, I considered joining a Gym but it was far too inconvenient for me at the time. I was fresh out of school, studying law, low on cash and time.

I could have used that as an excuse to not stick with my new year resolution but I opted for an easier route.

After some research, I found a couple home workout systems that weren’t heavily priced and invested in them. They required very little equipment and only took about 30 minutes per days.

Fast forward a few months and I lost a ton of weight.

I made it easy for myself by minimizing the difficulty surrounding the action itself.

Exercise is by no means easy, especially if you give a 100% of yourself to it.

But, there’s no reason why everything that surrounds exercising has to be difficult.

No matter what your resolution is, make it easy for yourself to take action so that you eliminate excuses for being lethargic or mediocre.

2. You Don’t Have Time? Well, Make The Time!

It’s obvious that you wouldn’t set a goal or new year resolution without it bringing about a significant benefit to your life so why is it so hard for us to simply make time for it?

We’re all guilty of making this poor excuse.

There’s never enough time in our day to take action on one of our goals or resolutions but we can find time to binge watch a show on Netflix at night?

We don’t have time but we can sit on social networking sites for about an hour or two in a day?

Isn’t it just so baffling and frustrating to look back and identify all the mundane activities we indulge in that often wastes precious time?

Since we’re entering a new year, that excuse of not having enough time doesn’t cut it.

Make a note of all the useless or non-beneficial activities in your day and minimize them so that you free up some time and space in your schedule to fit in those important goals and resolutions.

Do that first and then take charge of the days ahead.

3. Never Skip Those Days When You Feel Lazy

When I was younger, I often approached and asked them, “How can I be more disciplined?

Most of the time, they echoed the same sentiments which were to be consistent, work hard, show up and take action.

Those are essential keys to building discipline but what I realized over time and through success and failure is that discipline is learned during your worst moments.

It’s easy to take action when you feel motivated.

That energy will carry you through hardship and hard goals but when you feel lazy, tired, demotivated and deflated but still take action on your goals and resolutions, that’s when you actually develop discipline.

At the end of the day, discipline matters when you are most challenged by difficulty.

So, it only makes sense that it is developed and mastered during times of difficulty.

A great way to get started is by building the foundation.

Put in the work this new year when you’re motivated and inspired.

But, if you really want to succeed at sticking with your new year resolutions then I strongly urge you to show up and put in the work when all the motivation disappears and you start to feel lazy.

If you can work through that, you’ll never have a problem with being consistent or disciplined for the rest of your life.

4. Sketch A Timeline Detailing Progress And Growth

There’s an extremely relevant quote I heard from coach Corey Wayne and it goes like this, “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

When do people get overwhelmed by goals, lost in direction and demotivated at the first sign of a challenge? When they fail to plan for success and failure.

Change is inevitable but it is predictable.

At a certain point, it is probable that you will hit a certain benchmark.

It’s just a matter of drawing up a timeline that identifies this benchmark and how you plan on hitting it in the designated amount of time.

Having a plan of action promotes performance, productivity and clarity.

When you know what needs to be done, when it has to be done and you have a plan for getting it done, you’ll find it 100 times easier to do so.

Don’t wander aimlessly.

If you already know the end result, there’s no reason to be scared or afraid to fully commit. Simply draw up a plan, track your progress and work to hit those deadlines.

Knowing how far you’ve come and where you need to go is fantastic for altering your actions and performance to hit your goals.

Also, you’ll find yourself being extremely motivated and consistent when your results match the plan you drew up.