Hire Me

Since 2011, I’ve been working on the blogosphere as a writer. You may have read my work and had absolutely no idea it was written by such a genius! 😉

I’m the brains behind the brawn!

Or, maybe you’ve stumbled across some of my elaborate pieces on writing under my own name.

Either way, I’m a simple man. Assign a topic to me, I’ll write it, you pay me, people pay you and everyone wins.

Take a look at some of my GLORIOUS published articles below:

How I Write 2,359 Words In Just 2 Hours Without Compromising on Quality Using These Techniques

10 Highly Impactful Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

What can you expect from doing business with me:

Insightful, thoroughly researched and conversational content that blows your audience away.

I’m meticulous and absolutely anal about meeting deadlines. You’ll never have to chase after me and I’ll treat you with exclusivity (especially since I only select a few people to work with).

You’ll get your money’s worth. That’s a personal guarantee!

How much do I charge:

It depends on the type of content, word count and time constraints I will be working under. We can work out a good deal that benefits the both of us.

What niches do I specialize in:

Self-development, writing, marketing, copywriting, blogging, lifestyle, health and fitness.

How to get in contact with me:

Send me an email at: TheZakKhan@gmail.com (You’ll get a reply within 24 hours. Promise.)