Everything You Need To Know About Blogging

I’ve been blogging since 2011 and in that time, I’ve succeeded and failed, been through a bunch of Google updates and watched a dozen blogging gurus come and go.

Everyone wants to build a big, thriving blog that makes six figures but not many want to put the kind of effort that validates a six-figure blog.

I hate sugar coating things so I’ll be brutally honest – The only way you won’t fail at blogging is if you treat it like a full-time job.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be a douche and I’m not taking the position of a leader who has built a six figure blog.

You and I are similar.

We crawl around the web, jump from shiny idea to the other, get inspired by other bloggers success and decide to replicate their earnings just because they could.

It’s a flawed system. I’m terribly sorry to burst your bubble but I would hate to see you waste time, money and energy on ideas you aren’t truly invested in.

Most popular niches are saturated.

No longer can we buy exact phrase domains, slap on a keyword rich post, build a few crappy backlinks and hope to make huge amounts of money.

I’ve come across two case studies recently, Thankyourskin.com and 10beasts.com

Both of these sites have gone on to make ridiculous amounts of money and sparked motivation in 100s if not thousands of people around the world.

Heck, it even motivated me to purchase a domain name in the heat of the moment.

When it actually came down to working on reviews of products I had absolutely no interest in, all my inspiration and excitement died.

That domain name will probably expire by the end of this year and I’d have wasted $10. 10 bucks may not seem like much money but if you keep making the same mistake, 10 bucks quickly turn into a 100.

I know of many people who impulsively invest much more money into blogs that go on to make no money because it’s a dud.

It upsets me.

So, I figured it’s time to finally write a blog post that contains the absolute essential of blogging in 2018 that can and will always bring about results.

I tried running away from mastering the fundamentals but it only resulted in wasted money and effort.

No longer am I looking for an easy way to make money.

The only interest I have right now is to build an authoritative blog with content I’m proud of sharing.

I’m not pretending to be an expert at something I have no interest in and I’ll shy away from working in the shadows and embrace the spotlight. This article will have everything you need to know about blogging in 2018.

Stick to the rules, apply the principles in them and you’ll see growth and success.

I won’t promise you a six-figure income nor do I claim that it will be easy.

I’ll stick to the truth and share valuable techniques.

Create Qualitative, Engaging And Popular Content

Let’s say you have an actual interest in a niche and want to share insightful content.

But, you don’t know how.

What if I told you that there’s a step by step guide for writing content that has a higher likelihood of doing well and you don’t need to be an experienced writer?

It’s more than possible and below are a few characteristics of a qualitative, engaging and popular content.

Value Providing Content – From solutions to health conditions to entertainment and laughter, all great content provides some form of value.

Even with personal blogs, it’s not just about you. Readers take priority.

What can your content offer them?

When I write a blog post, all my attention is directed at the reader.

So, I don’t really write for myself because it’s easy for me to get carried away with what I can gain rather than what I can give.

Simplistic And Conversational – Who do people listen to, teachers who are easy to understand and welcoming or teachers who are stuck up and complicated?

The former.

It’s easy to pay attention to someone you like.

If that person is willing to explain complicated matters in a manner that doesn’t require you to feel frustrated or stressed, you’ll listen and benefit from the information offered.

Don’t worry about trying to sound hyper-professional or scientific.

Write as if you’re talking to your friend about something that can change his life and make his day better.

Edited Content – I’d absolutely love publishing a blog post daily but then it’s likely the quality of my work will suffer.

I stand to gain more views by publishing daily but you’ll stand to lose out on better content. That sucks because I created this blog to help people improve their lives!

Writing is more than a one-shot job. I don’t know of many successful writers or bloggers who sit down, write a post in one sitting and hit publish in the same session.

Usually, a lot of editing is required for converting standard content into something special.

Just throw in 2 separate editing sessions spread apart 2 hours and then consider publishing what you’ve done.

Three Step Formula – Results -> Explanation -> Direction

That’s how you teach people valuable lessons in all blog posts.

Share the results, explain how the results were achieved using the solution and then layout a step by step guide of how to use the solution to achieve similar results.

Long Form Content – Considered the best length of content for reader, rankings and lead acquisitions.

Most of my work takes a long-form approach and for the most part, it works well.

As long as you avoid filling the empty white spaces with fluff words, you’ll do well.

Content Variations – The most important aspect of content comes in the form of diversity.

If you analyze blogs in popular niches like health and fitness, crafts and DIYs, you’ll find the most successful blogs consists of a variety of content types.

Lists, words, pictures, videos and infographics all wrapped into one article.

Give The People What They Want – It’s as simple as that.

If you’re in the finance niche, give people solutions to how they can save money and make more money.

In the health niche, give them fat loss solutions, recipes, and methods to get six pack abs.

In any and every niche, scan through the most shared content or interacted content and make a note of what the people want.

Once done, give the people what they want. Simple!

Simple Link Building Strategies

Ah! Backlinks!

The trick every seo master loves.

Everything from Private Blog Networks, link swapping, purchased links, expired domain links and so on.

We’ve seen them all and probably tried them all. There’s lots of data and truth to the power of backlinks.

Simply put, you need backlinks to rank higher on Google.

We can try to swing it any way we like but backlinks are essential. But, it’s not the most important aspect of building a popular blog, especially in 2018.

Valuable content or services matter most.

But, backlinks come in at a very close second. Here’s the thing, content that people want and like will attract backlinks. It’s natural for other bloggers to link and share valuable content from around the web.

I dislike obsessing over SEO (even though I have no choice but to engage in it) but learning as much as you can about clean code, properly structured content with h1 titles, relevant tags, optimum amount of keywords in pictures and titles, great outbound and inbound links within most posts, site speed and mobile templates all matter.

Back to backlinks!

Here’s the thing, build backlinks with relevance and in context.

Google is ever evolving and it catches up with most tricks and techniques.

Backlink building techniques that are of a high standard sits well with Google whereas dodgy techniques always end up biting website owners in the ass.

Whatever blog or page you’re considering building backlinks to, let it be from sources and websites that provide context.

If you wrote a great post about how you lost weight, build backlinks in the health and fitness niche.

Eventually, Google catches up with most SEO strategies, the best approach is a long term one.

Guestographics has been a popular means of building backlinks, so has the skyscraper technique.

For more information on building links to your blog, visit Backlinko.com and pay heed to all the advice Brian provides.

He’s incredibly smart! Check out this epic infographic on the future of link building!

What You Need To Know About GuestPosting

Where there are people, there’s an opportunity to market and brand yourself. I believe guest posting is a marketing (and SEO) technique that will be around for a long time.

Why, though? Why do you need to appear on other people’s websites? A huge part of it comes from attracting new people to your site but I believe it plays a better role in establishing authority.

The owner of a company has the most authority from anyone else, correct? However, his CEO, CFO, and close personnel don’t fall too far behind. These individuals operate closely to the owner and in essence, feed off his authority. People look up to the owner and the people closest to him. It’s a social norm.

Rather than debate over it, shouldn’t we embrace this norm and use it to our advantage?

Appearing on websites and blogs with a strong presence and authority can do wonders for your reputation.

Make a grand appearance with superb content and people will instantly be looking you up and following your work!

I don’t have a problem scoring guest posting opportunities because I’m always prepared.

Before even pitching an article to a blogger, I spend days working on it in advance. Reaching out to them is the easiest part and one of the last steps.

Even if you get rejections, all you do is move on to more bloggers who are open to guest posts and pitch them.

The hard work is already done, closing the deal is all about consistency and persistence.

Here’s the thing – any blog owner willing to let you appear on their blog is doing you a favor. 

Don’t think only about what you have to gain.

The point of guest posting is to add value to someone else’s blog an audience. Put your best foot forward and it will bring rewards – like a juicy strong do-follow backlink! 

Providing Content Upgrades And More

eBooks, programs, a video series, podcast, printables or even a quick chat with you, these valuable takeaways can easily be the bridge between turning casual readers into subscribers.

Granted, this is probably something you already know and have come across in many other articles. But, from a privilege, this has become a necessity.

Readers have become picky about the kind of freebies they sign up for.

Perhaps, those same individuals who were utilizing dodgy SEO techniques were the same ones to slap together junk giveaways for subscribers and then spammed the living hell out of them (poor chaps).

Two things play a role in making giveaways valuable – Good Copywriting and Recommendations.

Good copy hooks people interested in your giveaways and recommendations or results from other users seals the deal.

Believe it or not, I’ve learned about this from Amazon.

If you browse any product, aside from a bestselling status, good copywriting and reviews tend to impact sales tremendously.

My best advice on copywriting is to be blatantly honest and straightforward.

Make promises you can keep, scream about your great reviews and recommendations and deliver the goods without fail.

That’s it.

No need to beat around the bush and sound like a cheap commercial (or MAYBE…nope, don’t do cheap commercials. Just don’t).

Facebook And Pinterest As Sources Of Traffic

Picture credit: fatstacksblog.com

I have mixed feelings about Zuckerberg. I really do.

A part of me wants to thank him for Facebook because I’ve met some amazing people on it whereas a part of me wants to throw a pie on his face for the catfishing psychopathic peanuts that have tried to infiltrate my life.

Mixed feelings.  

But, all things considered, Facebook is wonderful for all bloggers.

In 2016, it was reported that Facebook had 1.86 BILLION active users. A tiny, tiny percentage of that can change your entire life and drastically transform your blog.

Here’s the thing – Facebook pages, groups and ads are superb. 

I like Facebook pages because they’ve become optimizable and easy to maintain.

I tend to favor Facebook Groups over pages simply because of the high conversion rates compared to my experiences with pages.

Facebook ads is a beast that deserves its own post! I’ve seen people make 6 figures from Facebook ads with their kindle books!

If you have a page or group, share content specially crafted for Facebook.

I know a lot of users who just share their blog articles but that detracts from intimacy and rapport with your followers.

Instead, make a few regular posts every week exclusively for Facebook to encourage engagement and more followers.

Pinterest is a bloggers dream site.

It has become famous for its boards.

You can share content on boards with 6 figure followers if added into a group which has become a popular way for many bloggers to radically boost their blog traffic and links without relying solely on Google organic traffic.

Sign up to Pinterest for a business account, activate rich pins (adds bold headlines to images you pin), use PinGroupie to discover group boards in your niche, apply to be a contributor and wait for an acceptance.

List posts, case studies, infographics and result based posts tend to do ridiculously well on Pinterest!

Closing Up

These are, according to me, the essential parts of blogging everyone needs to master in 2018.

Implement these techniques over a long period of time and the results will manifest.

Create epic content, build links to it, market yourself and enjoy growth. Rinse and repeat until you’ve built a big successful blog.

I wish you all the success in the world.

Feel free to share this post with bloggers who could largely benefit from it.