The 3 Most Common Habits Of Successful People

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Success. It is a state of accomplishment we most desire and yet it often evades most of us.

We scout the web desperately searching for secret ingredients to the recipe of prosperity but the unfortunate reality is that the secret to success is simply boring.

Within the boring, mundane and habitual daily activities is where most success and results are found. A bodybuilder’s muscles aren’t attributed to some secret juice but to the daily grind consisting of heavy weight lifting and calorie tracking.

The enormous growth of returns made by a business is often attributed to the daily hustle of it’s most productive employees.

Those who laser in on the most pivotal actions of success are ones who grow and prospers. In today’s post, I want to share a list of 3 most common habits of successful people that I used to achieve success in my life and that you can use to dramatically improve yours.

But, before we get into that, allow me to give you a fairly quick rundown of what I’ve been able to overcome.

Within the last few years of completing school, I have managed to complete my LLB (Bachelor of Laws) degree, write multiple books on the topics of productivity, time management and life mastery, overcome and reverse life-altering ailment, build 2 highly successful blogs in different niches and transformed my body by losing 43 pounds. 

The success I’ve achieved can be mostly credited to the 3 habits below. Read, understand and apply these lessons. The sooner you do, the faster you’ll notice significant growth and rewards in your own life.

1. The Habit Of Completion

habits, build habits, habit building, building habits for success, how to build habits, successful habits, habits of successful people

Many of us struggle to get started but in brutal honesty, the only thing most people need is a healthy dose of motivation to get the fire of passion burning bright 

Once motivated, getting started isn’t much of a problem. Ask me, I’d know. Prior to succeeding online as a blogger, I jumped between 10 blogs believing that my next shiny idea would be the one to propel me into riches.

That’s not how things work in the real or digital world.

When it comes to accruing actual results and rewards, the most important factor is whether you worked to completion.

Completion of any task requires consistency and discipline on a daily basis.

Thus, be in the habit of completing one objective or task before jumping to another. I don’t believe that most of us are built to work in a fragmented manner even though we try and fail to multitask.

The next time you feel the need to jump to another ‘big’ idea, truly analyze whether or not you’ve given your current objective a fair chance. Jump from idea to idea long enough and you’ll find yourself in all sorts of psychological trouble.

If you start something, make sure to see it through to the end.

At least by then, you’ll be present to either celebrate in success or reanalyze in failure. 


2. The Habit Of Frequent Improvement

habits, build habits, habit building, building habits for success, how to build habits, successful habits, habits of successful people

History teaches us that Human Beings are creatures of habit and we often fall into a state of comfort.

In order to effect real change, some people embark on an uncomfortable quest that often results in monumental growth for themselves and society at large.

Just because something scares you doesn’t mean it won’t bring about massive growth and prosperity! Always remember that when you feel in a state of uncertainty and anxiety.

Nevertheless, in everything that I do, I always consider how it influences and impacts the lives around me.

  • By writing more informative articles, I increase the chances of genuinely helping people who read my work develop into better people.
  • By improving my health, I increase my chances of living a longer life which results in me being able to support, care and participate in the lives of my loved ones.

Perhaps to truly effect long-term change in hopes of improving ourselves, we require a larger purpose. What could be more important than the people we care about? Whether it be our family and friends or work colleagues and clients!

Also, align your purposes in life with the people you love. This will keep you grounded, committed and disciplined.


3. The Habit Of Working For First Place

habits, build habits, habit building, building habits for success, how to build habits, successful habits, habits of successful people

Last, but certainly not least, the habit of working for first place encourages performance and qualitative work like no other habit.

There comes a point in life when you have to decide whether you want to position yourself among ordinary or extraordinary folks.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either but for me, personally, I want to place myself in the position of a multimillionaire and that requires me to think, plan, perform and execute work as if I am one.

No one who has built an empire from scratch has ever done so by aiming to be second best.

I think the fear of finishing in first places stems from the knowledge that you have to outperform everyone else. 

It requires you to show up bright and early with the intention to be the best. It brings about a lot of expectations from you but the end result is worth it.

I want you to remember something – “The possibility of excellence outweighs the negativity of expectations.

If you don’t try to be the best, you’ve already failed and disqualified yourself from the possibility of realizing your wildest dreams. However, by simply showing up and attempting to win, the chance of doing so immediately transforms into a possibility.

This possibility feels far better than the negativity of holding yourself back in life.

Needless to say, the better you get at the process, the better the results are.

In the commercial world, the business which constantly tests marketing strategies, product development and customer services is the one that beats everyone else.

Build yourself into an individual who seeks to find comfort in the uncomfortable because that’s where you will usually find significant improvement.


Your Time Is Now! 

I truly believe that everyone has the ability to overcome obstacles and become successful. You have to be willing to put in the work and effect change into your life.

Master these 3 habits! I promise you they will propel you into insane success and happiness! With that being said, go ahead and share this post with the people you care about so that they can benefit from it too. 

Go out and get the work done. I’ll catch you in the next article 🙂